Zosime is best friends with Cyrian, as they share a love of pranks and practical jokes, or just causing any mischief possible. Every year they have made it their tradition to start the school year off with the perfect prank, and as such they are often the first sent to detention for the year. Zosime is an enabler to Cyrian's plans, as many of them take advantage of her "height and flight." She has very good hearing with her four ears, so she makes a good lookout while Cy gets things set up!

By herself (which is rare since she is rarely not with her best friend) Zosime is cheerful and upbeat, but sometimes a little outspoken. Zosime is never one to turn down a dare or miss a chance for an adventure. Zosime is the only daughter in a home full of boys, and it shows. She is rather tomboyish and her clothes are often full of patches. She doesn't care much for fancy stuff like the other girls in school though, and if they tease her for it she doesn't mind punching them in the face! Of course, this is why she spends more time in the princapal's office than she does sitting in class!