The Warlock's War

The Warlock's War is probably the single most important event in the history of the T.C.A. and the NS Universe.

The name of the war references the warlock Skrell. Skrell destroyed the human country Nezvian in a giant explosion that wiped it off the map. This event was directly responsible to the founding of the Tyfanas Clans Alliance who feared a repeat of such an event. Eventually the T.C.A. put in place a plan to limit or seal off certain magics to ensure never again could a single individual possess such destructive power and began putting it in place. This greatly angered the people of Alerar or as the T.C.A. calls them The Outlands a country to the south of the T.C.A. where for years it has sent criminals and other exiles prior to the formal founding and independance of Alerar. Eventually the the outlands declaired war and invaded the T.C.A in protest to the T.C.A. meddling in the forces of magic.

The war was a long and extreamly bloody for both sides. Most of the war was fought in a series of island chains between the T.C.A. and the Outlands. Eventually however the Outlands managed to invade the main continent and ravage most of the south before the T.C.A. managed to force them back. In the end the T.C.A. managed to expel the outland forces and finally reached the Outlands themselves prompting the Alerians to surrender. As a result of the war the Outlands have been reduced to a dominion of the T.C.A. for 100 years.

Most the students at Kojo Academy are to young to really properly remember the war but some of the old student remember it well enough, more over the many orphans attending Kojo Academy are a direct result of the invasion and specifically the mass destruction in the south of the T.C.A. The T.C.A. became a much more unified and centrally strong country as a result of the war and generally it is seen as a victory for modernization over the more traditional minded Outlands.