The night class at Kojo Academy is small compaired to the day classes. It is so small in fact, that they don't have separate grades but instead combine all the students into a single class. There is a huge amount of pressure in the T.C.A. to conform to the normal day time schedule and as such most parents will send their children to day classes if they are in any way physically able to attend. Although there are several exceptions in the night class, for the most part the children of the night class are there not by choice but because they simply cannot attend school while the sun is up, though thanks to magical and technological advances this number seems to grow smaller each year. Furthermore, the night class is very looked down on by the day class and the day students tend to treat the night kids very poorly.

Despite its small size the night class enjoys a fair amount of faculty and services due to T.C.A. regulations and guidelines placed on the school in exchange for accepting government funding. However because of its small class size, some things like sports teams are simply not available to the night class due to their inability to take advantage of the programs.

The night class has two general teachers who split classes Professor Ezriel and Ms. Minerva Amelius and also has a few specialty teacher who stop in once or twice a week to teach a specific class. There is also Doctor Melphius the school "nurse" and Greyson Frost who is the guidence councelor.

The night class currently has 37 students: